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Words never knew
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Words from the voice box never did know
They cut deep chasms causing hurts galore
It took me awhile to cease your pain
And make confessions my ego strained
I knew long after I pricked your heart
I should’ve done something just from the start
I wish to reciprocate the actual truth
The innermost forbidden fact, I deceived
Recapitulate my pretension, alter and make up
For all that I did miss, fearing I will miss
But the delusional optimism of “happily ever after”
Mocked at me every time I saw u falter
I therefore decided to live in my fantasy
Shrivel and wither my heart dead within me…

hope u guys like it  ::) punctuation kandukadhinga >_<
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Re: Words never knew
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It is a very different poem or is it only me? Lol. Your creativity of writing that syncs to link with the  choice of words goes hand in hand and related every line. I liked the entire poem, may be there can be a better title. I find that this poem is written in a very conscious or may be that it is inspired by someone to u etc😊 thanks for the share mirage😊may be if I have said anything wrong let me know😊
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